Protecting Children Involves All Caregivers

Licensed Child Care Facilities Offering Evening, Weekend or
Overnight Care: 2019

Licensed Child Care Facilities Offering Evening, Weekend or Overnight Care in California Bar Graph

A strong start in education is an important protective factor in children’s health. Enriching and positive early learning experiences can boost confidence, engagement, and skills, reinforcing a child’s long-term educational outcomes and well-being. Education begins long before entering Kindergarten through experiences such as cooperative play in child care settings and reading stories with parents at home. Caregivers in child care settings and at home both play a key role in establishing this solid foundation.

Licensed child care aims to ensure children receive quality services that are safe and protective. It should be equally accessible to all who need it when they need it. However, some families struggle more than others to access licensed child care. Parents working non-traditional schedules or holding multiple jobs often need child care during evenings, weekends, or overnight, but these slots are least available. Two percent of licensed child care centers and 41% of family child care homes in California offer evening, weekend and overnight care. When addressing the need for more licensed child care slots, it is important to also be mindful of varying work schedules so that all types of families benefit from this protective factor.

Reading together in the home is another way of supporting a strong start in education. Almost two-thirds of California children, 64%, had parents who read to them daily in 2015-2016, and another quarter of children had parents read to them at least three times a week. Promisingly, almost nine out of ten children regularly experience this enriching and protective experience in California.

Strong Start in Education Data

These data are a part of Safeguards for Youth, a compilation of the latest data on protective factors and supportive services that promote California children’s health and well-being. Learn more at

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