About Kidsdata.org

What is Kidsdata.org?

  • Kidsdata.org, a program of Population Reference Bureau (PRB), promotes the health and well being of children in California by providing an easy-to-use resource that offers high quality, wide ranging, local data to those who work on behalf of children.
  • Kidsdata.org aims to raise the visibility of key issues affecting California's children and families and to make it easy for leaders and policymakers to use data in assessing community needs, setting priorities, tracking progress, making program and policy decisions, preparing grant proposals and reports, and other work.
  • Kidsdata.org allows users to easily find, customize, and use data on more than 750 measures of children's health and well being. Data are available across California counties, cities, school districts, and legislative districts and are broken down by age, gender, income, race/ethnicity, special health care needs status, sexual orientation, and other demographic descriptors. See this resource for an overview of categories, topics, breakdowns, and time frames available on the site.

How Do I Use Kidsdata.org?

  • Find tips on using kidsdata.org, read examples of how others are using our data, or share your own example in our Data in Action section.
  • You are welcome to use our data, and permission to cite the information and reproduce the tables, graphs, and maps on kidsdata.org is granted. Suggested citation:
    • [Original data source]. As cited on www.kidsdata.org, a program of Population Reference Bureau. Retrieved on [date].
  • Note that data on kidsdata.org have not been tested for statistical significance. Apparent trends over time or differences across regions or populations may not be statistically significant.

Where Do the Data Come From?

  • Data on kidsdata.org are compiled from more than 35 trusted public sources. An indicator's data source is provided with every data visualization (see this page for an example).
  • Most data are compiled by PRB staff. Some indicators are made available through data-sharing partnerships with data providers.
  • Data on the site are updated continually.

Who Funds Kidsdata.org?

Can I Get More Information?

  • If you have questions, feedback, or want more information about kidsdata.org, please email kidsdata@prb.org or call (800) 877-9881.