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Child and Youth Safety
Bullying and Harassment at School (summary)
Child Abuse and Neglect (summary)
Childhood Adversity and Resilience (summary)
Intimate Partner Violence (summary)
Foster Care (summary)
Gang Involvement (summary)
School Safety (summary)
Children with Special Health Care Needs
Characteristics of Children with Special Needs (summary)
Access to Services for Children with Special Needs (summary)
Insurance Coverage for Children with Special Health Care Needs (summary)
Impact of Special Health Care Needs on Children & Families (summary)
Quality of Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs (summary)
Demographics (summary)
Family Structure (summary)
English Learners (summary)
Immigrants (summary)
Education & Child Care
College Eligibility (summary)
Early Care and Education (summary)
High School Graduation (summary)
Math Proficiency (summary)
Pupil Support Services (summary)
Reading Proficiency (summary)
School Attendance and Discipline (summary)
School Climate (summary)
Emotional & Behavioral Health
Children's Emotional Health (summary)
Disconnected Youth (summary)
Juvenile Arrests (summary)
Maternal Emotional Health (summary)
Youth Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use (summary)
Youth Suicide and Self-Inflicted Injury (summary)
Environmental Health
Air Quality (summary)
Lead Poisoning (summary)
Water Quality (summary)
Family Economics
Family Income and Poverty (summary)
Food Security (summary)
Homelessness (summary)
Housing Affordability (summary)
Unemployment (summary)
Physical Health
Asthma (summary)
Breastfeeding (summary)
Cancer (summary)
Deaths (summary)
Dental Care (summary)
Health Care (summary)
Health Status (summary)
Hospitalizations (summary)
Immunizations (summary)
Infant Mortality (summary)
Injuries (summary)
Low Birthweight and Preterm Births (summary)
Nutrition (summary)
Physical Fitness (summary)
Prenatal Care (summary)
Teen Births (summary)
Teen Sexual Health (summary)
Weight (summary)