Latest Data About Family Experiences During Pandemic

KidsData released the final wave of data from the Family Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic questionnaire today. These data share caregivers’ reflections as of July 2021 on the following topics:

With three waves of data for most indicators now available, we can see how experiences changed over the course of the pandemic (November 2020, March 2021, and July 2021). Experiences with child care, health care appointments, and social activities were markedly better in July 2021 compared with earlier in the pandemic. For example:

  • 5% of caregivers reported in July 2021 that their child care was still closed. Previously, about 17% of caregivers had reported child care closures at some point during the pandemic.
  • 6% of caregivers reported that medical or dental appointments were still being canceled in July 2021. Previously, 29% of caregivers reported appointment cancelations during the pandemic.
  • 14% of caregivers reported that their children’s play dates or get-togethers with peers were still being canceled in July 2021. Previously, about 40% of caregivers reported cancelations of informal activities during the pandemic.

Learn more about the questionnaire and its collaborators who made it possible in About the Data Source.

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