Nearly 10,000 Homeless Youth in California Lack Shelter

Number of Sheltered and Unsheltered Homeless Youth Ages 0 to 24 in California, 2020

Almost 10,000 youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness in California are unsheltered. During the January 2020 annual homelessness Point-in-Time Count, 9,510 youth ages 0 to 24 were unsheltered while an additional 2,662 youth were homeless but sheltered. These 12,000+ youth were also without a parent or guardian while homeless. Sheltered youth were counted in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, or safe havens; unsheltered youth were staying in a place not ordinarily used for sleeping.

Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and San Francisco counties found the highest number of youth ages 0 to 24 who were homeless and unsheltered in California in January 2020.

Youth who experience homelessness are more likely than other young people to face hunger and malnutrition, physical and mental health issues, developmental delays, and academic problems.

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