Families Report Stress, Positive Experiences During Pandemic

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Family Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Families have confronted unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic but also have found moments of joy. Positive experiences buffer the hardships associated with supporting children’s remote education, emotional and health care needs, and more. Though families have experienced the pandemic differently—and some devastatingly— by geographic region, race/ethnicity, income level, and other factors, no family is left untouched. The questionnaire, Family Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic, helps us understand those experiences.

In California, more than one-quarter of caregivers (27%) reported in November 2020 that helping their children with schoolwork was a stressful yet positive experience that brought them closer together. Nearly all caregivers joined their children in recreational activities (94%), including playing outdoor sports, going for walks, and reading together. Regardless of income level, race/ethnicity, or presence of a child with a special health care need, caregivers engaged with their children at similar levels. These bright spots give us hope for family well-being as we emerge from the pandemic.

Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences, HOPE, offers a framework to think about the importance of positive experiences amidst tremendous challenge. The four building blocks of HOPE—relationships, environment, engagement, and opportunities for social emotional development—form an important foundation for families to persevere through this unpredictable pandemic.

Loren McCullough, from HOPE, shares more about positive experiences during challenging times: “Parents in California are working hard to find opportunities for levity, joy, and togetherness for their children, even in a time when stress is high and options are limited. Across the state, the majority of parents are engaging with their children in meaningful ways, developing an important relational framework that can help support resilience. Using a HOPEful lens to note how positive experiences are present in these communities can help parents and providers to bolster these experiences in struggling families or communities.”

Children’s Health Resources

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers suggestions for exploring the outdoors with children and summarize the benefits of being outside in Getting Children and Teens Outside While Physical Distancing for COVID-19.

A new resource, Strategies for Trauma-Informed School Communities: Practices to Improve Resiliency in School-Aged Children and Address Adverse Childhood Experiences, shares information about trauma-informed school policies and practices that improve resiliency in school-age children and youth.


Recently Released Data

We recently released data about injuries. See links to the latest here.

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