Poverty from Birth

Poverty can alter children’s developmental trajectories in cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical health. The effects of poverty on child health and well-being can begin during pregnancy, as low-income women are more likely to experience risk factors such as malnutrition and stress, and are less likely to receive prenatal care. Children who face economic hardship when they are young, or who experience deep and prolonged poverty, are at greatest risk for poor outcomes.

A 2-page overview of this topic is available here.

Kidsdata and the Population Reference Bureau also reviewed data about poverty starting at birth. The analyses included poverty among infants ages 0-2 since 2012, among children ages 0-5 since 1969, and among children ages 0-17 since 1959. See links to the data sets below. For more information about poverty among children in California, visit the Family Income and Poverty topic.

Data Files:

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