Newly Expanded Demographic Topic

Child Population, Ages 0 to 2: 2018

Kidsdata has expanded its demographic topic content with 22 new indicators and 14 updated indicators. New indicators include sexual orientation, transgender youth, and projected population to 2060. Updated indicators include births, child populations, and school enrollments. Use demographic data to understand the size and composition of the populations in your area and plan appropriate programs to meet your changing community needs.

California had nearly 1.5 million babies, ages 0-2, in 2018 – that is 1.5 million lives where we have an opportunity to ensure safe, nurturing, and healthful environments and supportive infrastructure from the start. Each child is more important to California than ever before. How many babies does your county have?

Learn more about the demographics of children in California »

Data in Action

The Office of Child Abuse Prevention in the CA Department of Social Services are using data to inform prevention strategies against child abuse. They debuted state and county-level dashboards, drawing from and other sources.

Now Available: LGB Webinar Recording and Slides

Across many indicators of health and well being, lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth reported troubling behaviors and consequences at about twice the rate of straight youth. Listen to our recent webinar on this topic and see the latest data on transgender youth.

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