Just Updated: Data on Asthma Diagnoses and Hospitalizations

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How many California kids have asthma? Maybe more than you thought.

As the most common chronic condition among children in the U.S., asthma affects roughly 14% of California children ages 1 to 17 — about 1.3 million kids. These data, collected by the California Health Interview Survey, recently were updated on kidsdata.org and are available for most counties.

Also just updated, the rate of asthma hospitalizations among California children ages 0-17 increased slightly from 2008-2009, but is down overall since 1998. Thanks to the California Department of Public Health for these data.

Here are a few more highlights:

  • Asthma hospitalization rates in 2009 were three times higher for California children ages 0-4 than for children ages 5-17. In 2009, more California children under age 5 were hospitalized for asthma (6,288) than all older children (those ages 5-17) combined.
  • Among California counties with available data, the percentage of children diagnosed with asthma varied widely, from 8% to 31%.


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