Mental Health Issues Account for Largest Percentage of Hospitalizations Among Youth

Hospitalizations by Primary Diagnosis: 2017

The highest percentage of hospitalizations among youth ages 0-17 in California was for mental health reasons in 2017. Mental diseases and disorders accounted for 14% of hospitalizations, as measured by discharges. This is almost twice the rate due to asthma/bronchitis (8%) and over three times the rate for pneumonia/pleurisy (4%) and seizures/headaches (4%). The rate of hospitalization due to mental health issues has been on the rise since 2008. Prior to then, the largest percentage of hospitalizations were asthma-related.

Expanding prevention, diagnosis, and early intervention services can help reduce mental health-related hospitalizations. Care coordination and discharge planning are also critical in addressing hospital admissions and re-admissions. This includes a standardized, child and family-specific framework for the transition from hospital to home care and a shared care plan created with the family and care team that takes into account the family’s circumstances and capabilities and timely follow up with the family after discharge.

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Additional Resources

Throughout the month of May we are highlighting indicators related to children’s emotional health on our Twitter. Follow us @kidsdata and help bring awareness to this critical public health issue.

Teens are invited to share their ideas how to reduce the stigma and social barriers teens face when seeking mental health treatment. The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities is hosting an essay contest to gather ideas from 16 to 18 year old teens. Deadline is May 31st.

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