An Upward Trend for California’s Math Scores, but Disparities Persist

The good news in the 2011 math proficiency data just published on is that the majority of California 10th graders are passing the math portion of the high school exit exam. Additionally, passing rates have improved in recent years, from 74% in 2004 to 83% in 2011.

Despite these statewide gains, disparities persist. Passing percentages for economically disadvantaged students – that is, students enrolled in the Free or Reduced Price Meals Program — continue to lag behind those of their non-economically disadvantaged peers (76% vs. 91% in 2011).

And while the percent of 10th graders passing this math exam has improved for all racial/ethnic groups with available data from 2004 to 2011, there are notable differences among these groups, as the accompanying graph shows.

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