What Are Some Children’s Data Needs in Los Angeles County?

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, we had an opportunity to hold a roundtable discussion with deputies from various county departments.

The topic of discussion? Data, of course. And, more specifically, how our foundation and kidsdata.org might be able to help with any gaps or needs regarding child health data in the county. We weren’t just talking about topics of data that are needed — that list surely would be infinite. We also spent the time sharing ideas about how data use might be better facilitated. The attendees — representing county departments such as juvenile justice, social services, public health, maternal and child health, and more — noted a number of key areas:

  • Integrating public assistance data: It would be helpful, for example, if we knew how many students who drop out of high school are also on some form of public assistance.
  • Sharing data across county departments: Some attendees suggested finding a central place to offer the county departments’ state-mandated reports for public consumption.
  • Offering data at a more local level: This is a common refrain we hear when meeting with people in Los Angeles. We don’t currently offer data on kidsdata.org more locally than by city or school district, but we’re open to considering the possibility of even more local data. (Read our blog post about The Quest for Local Data)
  • Data for transitional-age youth: Across many departments, these data are valuable — for homeless youth, youth with disabilities, and youth in foster care.

We’ll give these good ideas consideration, and see what may align with our statewide work with kidsdata.org. And if you are from Los Angeles, let us know via a comment what additional priorities you would you recommend we consider. Stay tuned to this blog for updates on our ongoing work to meet children’s data needs in Los Angeles County and statewide.


Posted by Felicity Simmons

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