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The Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health | January 30, 2015

Nutrition by the Numbers: Breakfast, Fast Food, Sugary Drinks, Fruits and Veggies

The saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and multiple studies provide evidence that good breakfast habits in children and youth are associated with improved cognitive functioning, mood and school attendance.

Yet only 62 percent of California public school students in seventh, ninth, and eleventh grades, and in non-traditional schools, reported in a survey that they had eaten breakfast in the past day. More boys than girls said that they had breakfast, and Asian and white students reported the highest percentages (70%) and Latino students the lowest (58%). These 2011-13 data, the latest available, were just published on

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Data also are available on child and youth consumption of sugary drinks, eating fast food and numbers of servings of fruits and vegetables.

As the public focus on healthful eating increases, many school districts are striving to improve the quality of the food they offer students. Data from a just-released California School Climate Survey indicate whether teachers, administrators, and other staff say that their school provides healthy food choices. For California schools overall, 59 percent of those surveyed either agreed or strongly agreed (42.5% and 16.5%, respectively).

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Students Who Ate Breakfast in Past Day (Student Reported)
Years: 2011-13

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