Youth in Action

March 22, 2018


Some of the best advocates for children’s health are engaged and empowered youth. Creating a positive cycle of health, from optimal physical and mental health to positive social behaviors and supportive relationships requires all of us, adults and youth alike, to be engaged citizens.

Adolescence is the stage in human development when individuals begin to clarify and articulate their own values and operationalize their roles in the larger world. Their uncertainty motivates them to question those around them. Thus, it is natural for youth to challenge the status quo, identify hypocrisy, and encourage all of us to improve and hold society to a high standard.

This past month we have seen youth across the country take ownership of their own safety. They are speaking up because they implicitly understand that health and well being can only be achieved when their communities are safe and when they have ready access to physical and emotional supports. We are inspired to watch this generation of advocates work to improve society and protect their health.

Kidsdata is a powerful tool for demanding action, it provides comprehensive data on how children and youth are faring and information on how we can contribute to improving their health and well being. As our youth raise their voices to make a better world, we should take time to listen and support them. They too, are demanding action.

Photo by Lorie Shaull/CC BY-SA 2.0


Updated Data

We are continuously updating data. Click the links below to see the latest:

School Attendance and Discipline

Children's Emotional Health


Stay Up To Date With Kidsdata is a program of the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health, which uses data to promote the health and well being of children.

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